News and Facts: Nuclear Industry and Radioactive Science


silveratomInformed Scientists for Radiation is a public service website, promoting an honest dialogue over the nature of radiation and radiation effects. Information is provided to counter much of the incorrect and unscientific information found on the internet, promoting the agenda of those who are opposed to nuclear power and who misunderstand the natural sources of radiation all around us. With the immense power and benefits given to us by the atom, also comes responsibility. We must use nuclear energy and radiation to benefit mankind, through the use of clean energy sources and improved health.

Given how the terms, nuclear & radiation have been used by the media, in movies and by anti-nuclear activists, it is no surprise that they strike fear into the hearts of average people. It is important to point out that this fear is not founded in facts, and to explain the case for dramatically expanding our use of nuclear power to move us away from fossil fuels, which kill many thousands each year through well documented adverse health effects.

We are awash in a sea of radiation fields, and surrounded by radiation in nature. Nuclear research, power and medical treatments need to be understood and appreciated for how much they can benefit mankind, and public education and debate is the best way to encourage this.

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